Here's the routes in the David Thompson Corridor that aren't in any guidebooks yet, from a variety of sources, thanks.

Bad Luck Good Dreams M6+ FA Mike Adolf & Brad Boychuck. Went and climbed a new mixed line on the weekend up the rock to the right of the unformed ice of Good Luck & Bad Dreams. Fun Mixed climbing up overhanging rock past 6 bolts to the ice dagger.

"No More Pencils, No More Books" (III, W5+, 100m)- FA: J. Mills, Mike Adolph, Marcel P, Dave K., Monty A., Dec 14, 2003.

An east facing climb located on the next ridge east of Mt. Wilson. Visible from a straight stretch of highway just east of the park boundary. Park a km or so east of the last BNP signs and bushwack for about an hour and a half getting occasional glimpes of the route. A long steep first pitch leads to an easier top out. Rappel the route or walk down the ridge to the highway.

"Bad Luck and Good Dreams" (III, M6+, W4+) - FA: Mike Adolph, Marcel P.

A nice bolted mixed variation to the first pitch of Good Luck and Bad Dreams.

"Macbeth" - In the guidebook, first ascentionist added bolts to crux. Gear still needed lower down.

Cline Gallery - Last year some guys from Canmore added an M9 through

the far left of the overhangs left of Pure Energy. Also up the canyon they put up from L to R: M8, M6, M7.

"Nightmare on Sesame Street" (M6+) - FA: J. Mills, Mike Adolph, Brad Boychuck. A bolted mixed line on left edge of Nightmare on Elm Street.


"Cool Climbing" (V, M4X, W4+R) - FA: J. Mills, Mike Adolph, Nov 2002

This is a sustained winter alpine route that involves lots of thin ice and run-out mixed climbing. The approach and route suffer from very high avalanche hazard during high snowfall so chose your day wisely!

APPROACH: Park as for the ice climb "C?est la Vie" which is the middle of the three prominent gullies through the lower tier of Mt. Elliot. THE CLIMB: Begin by climbing all the gully pitches of "C?est la Vie" then head straight up the snow slopes above to the base of a prominent thin ice line. Head straight up the ice for a few pitches until it splits. Follow the right hand line with occasional forays onto the rock. The odd fixed station (pins and nuts) will be encountered. The route so far has not been pushed past where the ice stops but looks reasonable if the rock is dry.DESCENT: Rappel on pins (bring lots) and v-threads or push on to the top and descend snow slopes on back side.