"David Thompson Motor Inn" WI2+,150m
FA-Greg Cornell(alone), Dec.1997

Approach-park at Yamnuska and hike into the CMC Valley.Follow the old road
back east about 1km and before a clay cliff above the creek,cross the creek
and head north-west through forest into Old North Fort Creek which is the
same for the ice climbs Demaio's Dementia/Cambellian Overture.(I have been
in here a few times and found this way the nicest).
Hike up the wide rocky creek(Old North Fort) only a few hundred meters, then
turn right into the first rocky creek northbound which enters a beautiful
canyon after about 15min.
The ice is obvious above a tiny scree slope on the right.

Climb-Climb many beautiful blue, steep ice steps to a final short curtain
which ends on a scree slope. Above is Association Peak.
Rap and downclimb.
Route forms early and is very thick.
(About 100m down the canyon on the right is a thick detached dagger hanging
off a wall. It would be about 25m of rock and 25m of dagger ice and has not
been climbed.