Cosban M5 100metres Josh Briggs, Eamonn Walsh

About 50 metres past Shocking Alternative there are three thin veins of ice.
They are from left to right Puzzle, Xena and Cosban.

pitch one: head up thin and detached ice to a deep slot climb this to low
angle very thin and narrow ice which leads to a steep corner of more thin
ice. this ends at a snow ledge, traverse left to the fixed belay of Xena.
pitch two: traverse back right to the line which is now a chimney/corner
feature, squirm up this to a narrow flow of good ice which leads to the last
10 metres of Xena.

Rappel Xena

Rack: couple stubbies, one or two longer screws, pins especially kbs, nuts,
set of cams to 3"