Boot Full of Inconsistent Logic, IV 90m WI 4, Cordell Friesen, Jeremy Kroeker, December 27/04

Location:                    Map 82 N/15 284571

Guidebook Page:            343 – immediately following Triangle Falls and before another new route, Fear and Lethargy.

Approach:                  Park approximately 16 kilometers east of Saskatchewan River Crossing along the David Thompson Highway where the North Saskatchewan River is closest to the road (Map 83 C/2 314617).  Cross the river and follow it upstream (West) to the mouth of Corona Creek.  (Corona Creek is the first drainage you encounter.  There is a wooden bridge spanning the creek approximately 200 meters upstream that makes an effective landmark.)  Continue upstream until the route becomes visible on the left.  In the early season, with a frozen river and no snow, the approach can be done in 2.5 hours.  With snow expect a 4 hour approach.  Snowshoes may be helpful. 

Climb:                        Climb 90 meters of good, WI 4 ice to the top.  There is a parallel line of WI 3 R ice that remains unclimbed as the first ascentionists ran out of daylight.  It will probably remain unclimbed as neither party member ever plans to do the horrid approach ever again.              

Descent:                     Rappel the route.  Slog home.  Never return.