Bath Creek New Routes: March 2004

There are two possible new routes and the four climbs in the guide book are in and fat. The routes
(from right to left) are Menthos, Bathos, C'est Douche, Ravens End, Three
Men in a Tub and Washi-Washi. There is fat easy ice further left as well.
The two new routes are:

Washi-Washi III Wi 4+/5 240 metres Tom Dancs, Eamonn Walsh, Mark Westman
In the middle of the headwall there is a prow of rock that is split by a
right to left slanting gully, climb this on easy snow and ice. At the top
trudge up a gentle snow slope, then climb a short step of ice up behind the
the pillar to a large ledge. A bolt and pin can be seen a few metres up
from the ledge, these are from a botched mixed attempt back in 2000. An
offset pedestal delivers one to the hanging curtain, launch up this to the
top in 60 metres.

Ravens End III Wi 4 125 metres Eamonn Walsh
A beautiful narrow vein of ice snakes up to a snow ledge, it starts thin
then gets fatter and is 70-80 degrees for 85 metres, two piton anchor on
right. Angle up and left on the snow ledge were another 15 metres or so of
thin delicate ice leads to a large ledge below a dagger, another two pin
anchor. Rap from the pins and then the ice.