Actually, this just in:

that route was done a few years ago by M. Verwey, J.F and A.Langsford. It was called Dark Nature.

-Andrew Langsford, Scott Semple


100 feet of fun, WI5, 5.9, Wally Lama and Barry Blanchard, Nov 2003

The Wally-Lama and I had a grand day yesterday (Nov 15) out in that deep cleft across from Louise Falls (lower slopes of Mt Fairview, down and climber's left? of Suprise Pass). I know that Ken Chambers and Greg Golobvach attempted this thing when it was grey, back in the day. It is blue and green now and really fun. 20' of 5.9 mixed climbing leading in from the left (fixed LA), 20' of WI 5, then 60' of fun WI 4/4+ chimneying and collumn. Safe, take some small nuts, hand sized cams, and a couple of knife blades; full length medium and long screws the rest of the way and some threads. Approach is an hour up from the end of the Lake, we stepped into several shallow creeks to cross, no big. The drips that form off of Fairview kind of look like the pics I see of Point Rouge in Quebec right now: overlapping daggers backing up into space, could be some nut torquing fun/terror to be had there, and you can watch everybody else going up to Louise Falls from this side. Hear them too ... Smithers has released the hounds.