Roger's Pass to Bugaboos, Doug Sproul and Jon Walsh, Troy Jungen,

Some good photos here

Well we pulled off the speed traverse thing...again.
Rogers Pass to Bugaboos (the original way). Did it in
two big pushes. First push was 28 hr. Second was 32
hr. under the full moon. We did all the cruxes at
night including climbing the Deville Chimney (M4). It
had just slid out the day before class 2,5 on a friend
from Nelson but thet were o.k. allthough he took a
ride and lost some stuff. Also at night was Malachite,
Syphax, Bills Pass and Bugaboo/Snowpatch col.
Conditions were.....well, less than ideal, as I'm sure
your all aware how hot its been lately. Must be that
Global warming thang! We could have shaved about 14 hr
off this time but hey, each one of these damn things I
do is so different. My pack weighed 24 lb. including
food and water and everything.
130 Km.
31,910' vert
30+ Gu's
about 17,000 calories (not enough)
Total time was 80 hours
total ski time 66 hr
total break time 14 hr of which 10 hr was sleep.
including the day of getting ready (we left at 7 p.m.
from Asulkan Lot) and the day of driving home, we had
slept a whopping 10 hours in 4 days. A new personal
record for us all.
Players were Jon Walsh, Troy Jungen, myself and in
spirit with us was Beeker, K.C., D'arcy, and the
Wookie. I carried wookies collar the whole way for
inspiration. (It was a light collar, he, he.)
We pushed all the way to McMurdo the first day, then
slept for 8 hrs, went to International Hut, hung out
for four hours waiting for re-freeze then pushed it
all the way to the Bugs in 32 hr.
Did we halucinate???????? Well of course.
Someone just recently asked me if we did drugs to stay
awake. I just had to laugh. Drugs man! You dont need
drugs when you do something like that. Well o.k. maybe
there was just a little bit of hashish smell waffing
around occasionaly.
The full moon was out helping to guide us along. It
was one of the most incredible experiences of my life.
We weren't sure that we could actually stay awake and
still ski for that long. We saw little creatures on
the Vowell Glacier. No shit. It took about 1 second to
fall asleep and we had to keep waking each other up.
Well the details of this trip would fill a few pages
and I dont want to bore ya's too much. Anyway some
wanker wants to write about it so you'll see it in
some books later on I'm sure. i guess someone thinks
its a signifigant accomplishment. We just wanted to
define our conciuosness. We trained hard all season in
Revelstoke putting in numerous 10,000' days and many
kilometers. Well, its paid off. It was a blast!
Hey Colin Z. it has been a few years since I have seen
you and I wonder if you even remember me? I know that
you will be physced to hear of this accomplishment
cause I know of your guys attempt at it. Fuckin A'
At the end of it at Bugaboo Lodge we got to meet Hans
Gmoser. This was the ultimate way for us to end our
trip. He offered us cookies and coffee. Whoah, cool.
Then the next thing you know Piche is bringing us out
beer....yes!, beer, and a five star dinner. Sick!
Thanks Mark.
Cheers to you all,
Revelstoke, B.C.