Emperor Ridge Notes
     Here's a time for your huck-fest page, more as a challenge than as a record time (I'm curious if it is, and thought you might know) as I'll explain.  Left Berg Lake trailhead at 3:20 am on Monday, July 26th, at the bottom of the rock of the Emperor ridge (bottom of route) at 10 am, at summit at 6:30 pm, in a whiteout.  My idea had been to do it car to car in 24 hours, but I'd never been down the normal route, so I had to sit it out til it cleared a bit.  Started down at 3 am on Tuesday, got to the car at 12:20, making it 33 hours round trip.  Elevation gain same as your trip up the normal route.  Notes:  33 hours minus 8 and a half hours on the summit is about 24 hours.  Also, I didn't know the route, so I carried extra gear including protection which I didn't use. Someone going light, knowing the route, and lucky with the weather could definitely have a "good day out in the mountains".
      I don't know if you want to post this, but I thought that 24 hours on one of the supposedly "technical" routes was a good challenge.
      Also, in the hut book on the normal route (Ralph Forest is it) John Ionescu wrote that he had done the north face in 15 hours car to summit, which is the same as my time and doesn't seem that unreasonable.  I was pretty messed at the time so maybe I read it wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's what he wrote.  Anyways, if you have a sec maybe get back to me if you know what the established speed time is.

Ian Welsted