Alberta and GCC notes from Richard "Jag"Jagger:


I asked if the goal on Alberta was a one-day ascent, Richard replied:


"As much I would like to say that was the goal, it wasnít. I had just got back from working up north flying around in a helicopter and eating and not much else when we decided to do the trip we hiked in and had dinner and slept a few hours in the hut, did the route and when we got back to the hut Shep was worried his back would seize ( the price of the hard man are chronic injuries) and he would need to be flown out.  So we made a quick dinner and continued on our way out. Just as we were cresting the Woolley a helicopter flew over head and we had the thumbs out hoping for an even more expeditious way out, they kept flying. We got back to the car and drove back to Canmore in the morning I was woken by Keith to give the terrible news of Simonís death and the accident. The helicopter was for the rescue on Athabasca.


I am convinced that a fast team could do the Japanese route in sub 24 car to car."


The G.C.C. was just bivi to bivi.  Some one may have done it faster but rope soling Iím sure would be slower. Jeff Riesenhoffer and Jeff Marshall I think would have done the whole thing in a day car to car (it was their intent) if Jeff M. had not have tried to go straight up the cornice in dwindling light. There was an easy exit though the cornice to the left. His subsequent fall nearly severed the ropes and ripped the belay. They hunkered down for the night and discovered the exit in the dawn.